Monday, January 13, 2003

Dayle got really sick last Wednesday. She first threw up at 9pm and didn't stop till the next day at 2pm. I walked to Vons at 3:30am and bought her drugs. There were a lot of guys doing their shopping at 3:30am in the morning ... surreal and strange ... I think maybe they were there picking up????
She seems to be better now and I didn't catch it .. my super immune system has worked again!
Back at work and psycho Chelsea has gone and it's just me and Brittany. I am so happy. Good ridance to mean psycho's!
So Dayle, Amy and I went down to LA this weekend for the Kangaroo Jack premier. It was a very funny weekend and the good news is I managed not to smash our hire car this time round:

HIGHLIGHT - Strutting down the red carpet into the Chinese Theatre … Press & Paparazzi were lined up against banisters all vying(sp?) for a photo of all the famous people attending the launch. We felt very special.

MOST FAMOUS PERSON ATTENDING - probably Jerry O’Connell (it wasn’t a very famous affair).

OTHER SEMI FAMOUS PEOPLE ATTENDING - the other two leads (Estella Warren & Anthony Anderson), cute black guy from CSI, Crossing Jordon cast, other B-graders from various TV Sitcoms

WORST OUTFIT – Jerry O’Connell in his usual number; White tucked-in T-Shirt, faded jeans & white Adidas trainers A.K.A Jerry Seinfield

MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT – When the big fat & very loud US Production Accountant (Gloria) stood up in a packed cinema and shouted across to Michael Shannon (one of the lead actors) who was sitting on the opposite side of the theatre in the VIP area “Michael Shannon, Michael Shannon, look who’s here .. it’s our Aussie friends … Stand Up girls, Stand Up girls … let him see you … “

BIGGEST CRINGE – when in the movie the kangaroo (jack) breaks into a rap ‘I say a hip hop a hippety hop’

2ND BIGGEST CRINGE – Estella Warren

3RD BIGGEST CRINGE – All the girls at the after-party who had wangled an invite somehow who were obviously there to attract the attention of a Bruckheimer producer … tiny outfits, stripper like dancing .. anything to get the attention of producers who obviously loved that they were trying to get their attention ...

MOST TRAGIC – One of the lovely Australian actors from the movie (who has post shoot made his way over to Hollywood to try and crack the big time) was there trying very hard to impress L.A. producers … he was accompanied by this freakoid of a woman wearing false eyelashes, giant flowers in her hair and lots of gold crosses who was so so in your face and claiming to be his ‘Publicist’. The poor boy has been totally sucked in by her and the whole Hollywood scene that he actually seems to have gone mad … an intervention and a one-way flight home to Sydney is required.

AFTER PARTY ENTERTAINMENT – girls in camel mini-skirts, cowboy hats & kangaroo jack T-Shirts dancing to “I say a hip hop a hippety hop”

AFTER PARTY NIBBLES – bad macaroni cheese, bad hamburgers, bad caesar & bad soggy chicken wings (according to Dayle) … bad bad bad

BEST EFFORT AWARD – to Dayle Hall for being there and being so chipper when she is still in major recovery mode from her 24 hour spew-athon