Tuesday, January 07, 2003

Premiere: 4pm Saturday 11 at the Chinese Theatre on Hollywood Blvd
After party: Somewhere in Hollywood
Entertainment: Kangaroos wearing red jackets racing down Hollywood Blvd
Celebrity Guests: Jerry O'Connell, Estella Warren, Christopher Walken, Dyan Cannon, Claire & Dayle Hall, Amy Materne
So sweet Brittany came over for dinner at my place last night. Turns out that her and psycho Chelsea aren't best friends ... psycho is just as mean to Brittany as she is to me ... in fact psycho is a sabotare and has been logging onto Brittany's emails and sending emails as if Brittany were writing them. Psycho sabotare has been sabotaging me by telling me to do things the wrong way and then getting me in trouble for it.

So I guess I've gotta watch my back. It's a pretty tough game here at Mammoth Mountain Ski School Payroll .. you gotta be clever to rise to the top.

Sunday, January 05, 2003

I am so bored at work today... I want Dayle to come work with me.
I remembered a very funny thing last night in the bar that happened to me last year in Byron Bay. Amy and I got very drunk one night and ended up in this very dodgy club called 'KokoKabanas'. Amy was pulling on the dancefloor so I went to sit down on the benches with all the other people too drunk or not drunk enough to be pulling on the dancefloor. It looked like the guy next to me had a big pink bandage all over his leg so I asked him how he hurt his leg ... he goes 'what leg?', detached the whole thing and handed it to me. It didn't turn out badly though ... I complemented him on his leg (even though it seemed pretty crap to me) and he seemed to appreciate that.

Brittany & Chelsea have gone on a snowboarding break and left me in the office on my own. Thank god .. psycho Chelsea is in a bad mood and i'm feeling quite tired of hiding from her today. The outfits were pretty good:
Chelsea - black shiney, super baggy homey pants with a red shiney puffer jacket, black beanie
Brittany - camel pants with matching pale blue and camel jacket, pink & pale blue beanie
Last night we went to Shogun's for Karaoke. Had the best night out that I've had in this town so far. Chelsea bitch from work showed her true colours when this guy stupidly flicked her exposed g-string ... she went for him screaming and grabbed a saki bottle and tried to glass him with it ... he would have ended up in hospital if little sweet Brittany from work hadn't dragged her off of him and out the bar. I'm working with a psycho.
I work with Brittany & Chelsea. Brittany is blonde & very sweet & looks and acts a lot like the real Brittany. Chelsea is moody and a bit strange and is always really mean to me. She treats me like I'm really dumb and patronises me all the time. She leaves in a week and i'm gonna try and get Dayle her job so that I get to boss someone around and listen to something other than Mammoth Mountain Rock FM.