Wednesday, January 01, 2003

Dimi emailed me today with several concerns about our life here in Mammoth:
" 1. The life of a chalet maid is tiring and very ageing, please take it easy and ALWAYS wear rubber gloves. If guests ask for 'extras' they are not asking for you to clean under the bed.
2. Snowboarding is a young persons past-time and Dayle apart, we are not as young as we once were.
3. I hear Claire has frost-bite on her posterior, which means 82 percent of her body is affected.
4. Let's face it Saloppettes aren't the most flattering outfit ever created and may severly hinder your remote chances of pulling.
5. You are surround by Yanks.
6. Cheese is mainly processed and therefore tasteless and lacking in protein. "

I would like to make several points regarding Dimi's concerns:
1. Yes I do have frost-bite on my bottom and it is highly uncomfortable and very embarrassing. Friends should not joke at others poor fortune.
2. My bottom is very rounded at the moment but it's not that big.
3. I think my chances of pulling range from Average to Good. Excellent when I am wearing a hat.
Certain friends refer to me as Hattie ... it's because I can strike a mean looking pose in a hat. I'll post the photo's one day.
I always refer to Hattie in the third person.
I think Blog's are dumb but i've got lots of spare time in the Ski-School Payroll Office ... so I'll attempt a blog ... I doubt it will last ... I get bored with this kinda stuff very easily.